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The Fire Up Your Feet Activity Challenge awards more than $100,000 to K-8 schools in participating regions across the country that bike, walk, dance, jump and are the most active! Get started by registering here. It is all about the most participation in your active school – so grab your parents, students, teachers, administrators and school staff – that's right, everybody can move and help you earn cash awards to help improve your school!

You can register yourself as an adult and add your children. Or you can lead a group and easily add participants. Want to learn more? Check out our FAQ which details our privacy policy and more.

After you enter your zip code, wait a few moments for the list to populate with schools in your area. When the data has loaded, click in the box and you will see a list of schools in alphabetical order. You will need to scroll through the list to find your school. Note: Schools are listed in alphabetical order using the school's official school name. Some schools are commonly referred to by one name, such as Lincoln Elementary School, but the official full name is Abraham Lincoln Elementary School. Be sure to search for the school's official name. 

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